The Internet Monitoring and Surveillance service combines several proprietary automated scanning engines, along with human intelligence gathering and mathematical algorithms to find and analyze data on the Internet that may reveal compromised personal client data. How Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Works The Internet Monitoring and Surveillance service scours the Internet looking for customers' credit card numbers, bank accounts, account login information, home address, and many other pieces of personally identifiable information.

The Internet Marketing Monitoring and Surveillance service gathers as much relevant data as possible, securely stores the data, and runs pattern matching formulas and proprietary algorithms to evaluate and classify the results. Finally, the scrubbed and classified data is correlated and matched to existing customer profiles to determine if customer data has been found compromised on the Internet. The Internet Black Markets Much like conventional black markets that peddle in drugs, counterfeit goods, weapons and other illegal items, Internet black markets operate with similar illegal intent. But instead of trading in guns, drugs and knock-off purses like in conventional black markets, Internet black markets deal in components of your identity including your bank account numbers, social security number, credit cards numbers, email addresses and your other personal information. Types of Sites That Are Monitored Combining the best in technology and human intelligence, the proprietary 24/7 automated search robots and staff members trained in intelligence gathering search through millions of sites on the Internet, including sites like illicit newsgroups, IRC servers, black market forums, chat rooms, bulletin boards and other black market web pages. Types of Data Monitored Client data that can be monitored includes credit card numbers, bank account numbers, online payment service login and passwords, email account logins and passwords, social security numbers and other critical identity and financial profile components that customers choose to have monitored.


Identity Fraud Loss and Expense Reimbursement Master Policy from AIG Insurance is designed to be purchased by a financial institution, commercial business or membership group in order to provide its customers or members with the coverage at no charge to them.

The coverage is available to you, your spouse, qualified domestic partner, children under 18 and parents and reimburses identity theft victims for the following:
  • Lost wages as a result of time taken off from work to deal with the fraud, including wrongful incarceration - up to $1000 per week for five weeks
  • Notary and certified mail charges for completing and delivering fraud affidavits
  • Fees to re-apply for loans that were denied as a result of erroneous credit information due to the identity theft
  • Long distance telephone charges for calling merchants, law enforcement agencies or credit grantors to discuss an actual identity theft
  • Attorney fees incurred, with AIG prior consent, for:
    Defending suits brought incorrectly by merchants or their collection agencies
    Removing criminal or civil judgment wrongly entered against the victim
    Challenging information in a credit report
  • Costs for daycare and eldercare coverage, if that coverage is necessary for an Insured Person to attend meetings or otherwise have the ability to restore financial health and credit history as a result of identity theft.
Becoming a victim of identity fraud is a frightening, frustrating experience. It can happen to anyone at any time. Our identity theft experts can help victims during this difficult time. Not only will we pay for expenses associated with clearing up your credit, but we will also provide you with detailed information on how to fix your credit and resolve the problem.


The Lost Wallet Service is a unique, one-of-a-kind service that allows you to store certain information about the contents of your purse and wallet securely online. Without having to store full financial or personal information, the Lost Wallet Service will become a critical piece of your identity theft protection service in the event your wallet or purse is lost or stolen. Losing a Wallet or Purse Instead of spending the time and effort to find the information to cancel your sensitive personal and credit cards, the Lost Wallet Service will quickly guide you through mitigating a loss of your purse or wallet.

Losing your wallet or purse can be one of the scariest and most daunting events in your life. Just as losing your keys gives up a sense of security that a stranger potentially has access to your home, office and car; your wallet and purse contain links to your identity, bank accounts, health care accounts, and other daily services. You may feel fear, anger, and confusion. But as difficult as it is to accept, there are specific things you can do right now to make sure you aren't victimized any further, and time is of the essence!

To begin, simply add the cards in your wallet or purse that are important to you, into the secure Lost Wallet Service. You can feel safe that our service is secure, and we never store your full credit card information. When signed in, click ADD A CARD to begin the process of protecting your personal information.


If your identity is ever assumed by a criminal, we will aid in the recovery process in two ways. We can either completely do it for you or assist you in the resolution process - your choice. If you choose to have us assume and reorganize the recovery process on your behalf, we can further minimize the time and hassle involved.

If you simply want assistance, we provide a step-by-step instruction manual detailing the resolution process, including guidance for avoiding future complications, and a toll-free victim assistance number for access to specialists trained in identity theft recovery. This service allows you to correct identity theft problems yourself, without the assistance or expense of an attorney.

Rapid response is the best defense against identity theft. If you believe a breach or theft of your personal information has occurred, moving quickly and in an organized way is the best method to stop identity thieves before they use your information. A speedy response is most important in cases where a data breach or loss involves your Social Security number, which can be used to open new lines of credit


According to a Gartner Group study, "Identity scoring and monitoring is more effective than credit report monitoring to watch for potentially fraudulent activity."

Credit monitoring and identity monitoring are not the same. FrugalID's identity monitoring is uniquely designed to alert consumers of unauthorized attempts to use their identity in the earliest stages of misuse. Being proactive helps consumers avoid the devastating effects of financial and non-financial misuse of their identity.

Credit Monitoring limitations Credit monitoring was developed to help consumers find errors in their credit report before applying for a loan. Studies show credit reports have up to a 79% error rate. When protecting personal information, consumers need a secure, accurate, user friendly solution that doesn't increase the risk to their identity. Free Credit Monitoring Credit monitoring should be free. We looked into the market and there are a number of free credit monitoring services. When FrugalID subscribers sign in, you'll find a couple of options to monitor your credit. Though limited value, it's there if you want it... at no cost. Identity Monitoring is Safe Identity monitoring is secure using only your name, address and phone number. Credit monitoring requires your Social Security Number - we don't. Once your SSN has been released, not even credit bureaus can guarantee its security. Identity Monitoring is Accurate Credit monitoring is limited. Identity monitoring addresses both financial and nonfinancial misuse of personal information. According to the Public Interest Research Group, 79% of credit reports contain errors, so how can credit monitoring be reliable? FrugalID's identity monitoring with EarlyAlertTM has resulted in a claim rate of less than 1 per 100,000. Identity Monitoring is User Friendly Credit monitoring firms offer primarily on-line customer service. This isn't good and offers limited comfort during a trying experience. FrugalID's Identity Monitoring provides you live phone support. Identity Monitoring - High Level Protection Checking ones credit history prior to applying for a loan is important, but as a tool for protecting individuals from the costly, time consuming challenges of identity theft, it's not. Identity monitoring offers the highest level of protection in a secure, accurate, user-friendly way.


Identity theft isn't just financial challenge anymore. It can also ruin your credit, get you fired, even land you in jail. Here are some of the many more serious forms of ID theft. Financial Identity Theft This is the most common form of identity theft. A criminal gets a hold of your financial information such as credit cards, and charges things fraudulently. In addition, financial includes leasing apartments and cars, opening new lines of credit, creating utility accounts... the list is endless. Criminal Identity Theft Criminal identity theft is a true identity theft where someone impersonates you. With this type of crime, the thief doesn't want your money; he wants your clean record and good name. He commits a crime and leaves your footprint behind; or gets caught committing a crime, provides your information, posts bail and skips out leaving you in trouble. Police issue a warrant for your arrest instead of the criminal. Medical Identity Theft This type of ID theft is used by someone who doesn't have medical insurance, someone in need of an operation, maintenance meds, etc. You are the one billed for those expenses and medical community won't take "it wasn't me" for an answer. Frugal ID provides you the peace of mind to deal with any identity misuse you can experience. Let our restoration experts deal with them and restore your identity to pre-theft status.

Zero Day Protection

Companies and consumers are more vulnerable than ever. The challenge isn't whether they are protected, but what they are protected from. Zero-Day Exploits are new, never before seen intrusion processes. Anti-virus and malware companies sell solutions that operate from a library of known attack methods; and continuously update as more methods are recognized. The problem is they do little to protect against unique, unknown intrusion methods.

There is only one option for consumers to protect against zero-day attacks. FrugalID includes Zero-Day Protection.

Proven to stop the most aggressive malware strains currently plaguing the world - including the following malware families:

Ransomware (including but not limited to):
  • Cryptolocker
  • Reveton
  • Urausy
Banking Trojans (including but not limited to):
  • Carberp
  • Simda
  • Citadel
  • Zeus/ZBot
  • i2Ninja
  • Shylock
Rootkits (including but not limited to):
  • ZeroAccess
  • TDL4/TDSS/Alureon
Viruses (including but not limited to):
  • Sality
Fake Anti-Virus (including but not limited to):
  • System Doctor 2013/2014
  • BestAV
  • Antivirus Security Pro
  • Botnets (including but not limited to):
  • Andromeda
  • Solar
Loaders (including but not limited to):
  • Sirefef
  • Kuluoz/Symm
  • Pony
  • Upatre
Worms (including but not limited to):
  • Ramnit
  • Conficker

Protect Your Identity

Our Identity Protection Provides: Fully Managed Restoration
Lost Wallet Service and Identity Monitoring
ID Monitoring & Surveillance Scanning engines, human intelligence gathering and mathematical algorithms find and analyze your data online.
Lost Wallet Service Store information about the contents of your purse and wallet securely. If ever lost or stolen, you are protected.
Identity Theft Recovery If your identity is stolen, we recover your ID for you or assist you in your recovery - your choice.
For additional protection with Frugal ID Plus CLICK HERE
Additional protection with Frugal ID Plus
$1,000,000 Loss Insurance Identity Fraud Loss and Expense Reimbursement Master Policy from AIG Insurance is designed to...
ID vs Credit Monitoring Identity scoring and monitoring is more effective than credit report monitoring. Study by Gardner Group.
Zero day protection Criminals use sophisticated methods to obtain and misuse our personal information.


ID Theft is epidemic. You can't stop it, but you can protect yourself. A professionally trained recovery advocate is assigned to all victims and will perform a fully managed identity restoration program for the covered member. Recovery advocates will document, dispute and reverse all fraudulent transactions through a limited power of attorney for all known types of Identity Theft. Additionally, this included one year of follow-ups after the victim is back to pre-theft status Fully Managed Restoration
ID Monitoring
Lost Wallet Service
Fraud Loss Insurance
Zero Day Protection
300 + Breaches weekly
150 + Hours to restore ID
79 % Chance of breach by 2016
100 + Breach intrusion attempts /minute